Work-Package Number Deliverable Number Deliverable title
Work-Package 2 Dissemination and Communication
WP2 D2.1 Knowledge Sharing Platform Forum Report
WP2 D2.2 Knowledge-Sharing Platform Content and Management Policy
WP2 D2.3 Stakeholder Workshop Report 1
WP2 D2.4 Stakeholder Workshop Report 2
WP2 D2.5 Stakeholder Workshop Report 3
WP2 D2.6 Final Dissemination Event Report
WP2 D2.7 Launched CESSDA Knowledge Platform
Work-Package 3 Strengthening and Widening through planning and engagement
WP3 D3.1 Heuristic maturity development model
WP3 D3.2 Country report on development potentials
WP3 D3.3 Guide for national planning for setting up new data services
WP3 D3.4

National development plans for data services in nonCESSDA member countries in the ERA

WP3 D3.5

Report on the state-of-the-art, obstacles, models and roadmaps for widening the data perimeter of the data services

WP3 D3.6

Final integrated audit report

Work-Package 4 Strengthening and widening through knowledge exchange
WP4 D4.1

“Trust” workshop report

WP4 D4.2 “Integration” workshop report
WP4 D4.3

Report Overview of Data Management Policies in Social Science Data Archives

WP4 D4.4

Report on DSA Certification for CESSDA

WP4 D4.5

Provision of development support services on the basis of identified demand

WP4 D4.6

Report on Sustainability Model of Development Support Services

WP4 D4.7

Report summarising the current state of needs of new data services

WP4 D4.8

Report on formal mechanism of collaboration and development towards structuring a widened CESSDA network

WP4 D4.9

Cost-Benefit Advocacy Toolkit

Work-Package 5 Strengthening and widening through global engagement
WP5 D5.1

Benchmarking report, including an action plan for improvements on an inter – consortium and individual archive level

WP5 D5.2

Platform for knowledge exchange to develop human and technical capital

WP5 D5.3 Report on the establishment of an international curriculum for professional development in digital data services for the social sciences



Guidelines for developing National Data Service Plans



Milestone – Letter to Managing Director_19022016

Milestone _ CESSDA Expert Seminar 2015_report_final

CESSDASaW-Plan for Dissemination-PDER

WP4 Tutorials on the Ingest & Access/Dissemination Workflow

National development plans for data services in the ERA & media packs


Webinar – Research Data Management Community Training – 23-06-2016

Webinar – Access Policies and Usage Regulations: Licenses – 30-06-2016