National development plans for data services in the ERA & media packs

Individual national development plans have been drawn up for ten aspiring CESSDA Service Providers, based on the gap analysis conducted earlier in the project, as well as summaries in the form of media packs.

In task 3.3 of CESSDA SaW project partners had the goal was to draw up individual national development plans (NDPs) for aspiring CESSDA Service Providers (SPs). The plans were developed by country teams, i.e. people and/or institutions working towards the establishment of a national data service in the social sciences and taking part in the elaboration of the development plan. This included organizations that might become future CESSDA service providers, and where possible, national ministries and research councils.

The plans are divided into four main sections:

  1. the mission statement;
  2. the general features of the data service;
  3. the description of resources and challenges;
  4. the planning for the data service.

The first three sections address larger strategic considerations in conceiving and establishing a national data service. The fourth section helps country teams to make a concrete step-by-step plan for new data services and future developments.

Once the countries had been selected, a major task was to identify the appropriate actors and institutions that could become potential aspiring service providers and to establish contacts with them and with the ministries and research councils. After the approval of the country teams, they developed their plans based on the Guide for Developing National Data Service Plans and with the assistance of the CESSDA SaW partners involved in this task.




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