CESSDA SaW – Newsletter #3

Please find the third CESSDA SaW Newsletter.
This newsletter is the opportunity for the coordination team to congratulate and thank the FFZG Team for the organization of the 2nd CESSDA SaW Workshop in Zagreb and the ICS-Lisboa Team along with the CNRS Team (and all those who helped) for the successful organization of the 3rd CESSDA SaW Workshop in Lisbon.

Kind regards,
CESSDA SaW Project Manager


Amendment Request – 3-Month Extension of the CESSDA SaW Project – APPROVED

An amendment request was submitted and approved by the EC in early 2017 to obtain a 3-months extension of the project  :
     – The ‘duration’ of the action is changed to 27 months.
– The ‘reporting periods’ are changed and replaced by:
– RP1: from month 1 to month 12;
– RP2: from month 13 to month 27. 

Please follow this link on Basecamp for further details on the extension of all project outputs : Click Here!


2nd CESSDA SaW Workshop – Zagreb, Croatia – 03/2017

The 2nd CESSDA SaW Workshop was held in Zagreb on the 1st and the 2nd of March 2017.The Workshop was a great success with over 60 participants from all over Europe.

Below are the topics the workshop covered:
     – Trust: training on how to achieve a Data Seal of Approval (as required by the CESSDA Annex 2 Obligations),
– Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure (AAI) within CESSDA,
– Sustainability and funding models for support services,
– Preservation policy guidelines for research data services


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3rd CESSDA SaW Workshop – Lisbon, Portugal – 05/2017

The 3rd CESSDA SaW Workshop was held in Lisbon on the 3rd and 4th of May 2017.The Workshop was a great success with over 60 participants from all over Europe.

Over 30 countries were represented, what actively contributed to all sessions.

You will find all presentations from the workshop uploaded on the CESSDA SaW Website : Click Here!



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