Webinars – RDM Community Training – 30/06/2016

In the context of the CESSDA SAW project we would like to announce two webinars, to be held at June 23 and 30 2016, each at 11.00 a.m. The interaction between an archive and its user community is a critical point for data ingest and dissemination. It has a significant impact on the overall quality of data curation and preservation, as well as on the acceptance of data sharing and reuse in the user community. The webinars aim to share knowledge on the pre-ingest process, i.e. research data management, as well as on access policies and usage regulations in the pre-dissemination process, working towards a ‘common ground’ to build services in line with CESSDA AS quality standards. Both webinars will be recorded and available for future use.


Research Data Management Community Training

June 23, 2016 at 11.00 a.m.

Good research data management is of great importance for high quality research. To avoid significant problems later in the data creation and curation phases, it is necessary to start proper research data management planning before research project begins.

The webinar is meant for future trainers, who will get acquainted with different methods of sharing information and knowledge with different target groups. »RDM Community training« will provide participants with an improved awareness of the different aspects involved in Research Data Management.

Participants will get a brief overview of the basic elements, which are recommended to be included in every lecture/presentation on RDM.


  • Definition(s) of RDM
  • Benefits and Advantages of RDM
  • Research Data Life-Cycle
  • Structure and components of RDM
  • Stakeholders
  • Recommended literature

Webinar and hand-out will point them to relevant literature and tools about RDM.


By the end of the webinar participants will understand the idea of research data management. They will understand the complexity of research data environment and know where to find appropriate information and expert support if needed, when they will prepare their own training activities. To join the webinar, no further knowledge is required in advance.

About the Presenters

Irena Vipavc Brvar, Social Science Data Archives, University of Ljubljana: is primarily engaged with users / depositors relations at the archives, carrying out workshops for researchers about access to research data, data management planning etc., and training for future data archivists, both on national and international level. Personal Bibliography

Sonja Bezjak, Ph. D., Social Science Data Archives, University of Ljubljana: is primarily engaged with issues related to open access to research data, such as: research data policy, data citation, data, journals, and research data management planning. She is part of the team for education and training of users and depositors of research data, which targets national and international audience. Personal Bibliography


Access Policies and Usage Regulations: Licenses

June 30, 2016 at 11.00 a.m.

The webinar about licensing and policy will look into why it is important that research data are provided with licenses.


  • Benefits of sharing research data;
  • Challenges;
  • Types of licenses;
  • Data ownership and reuse;
  • Using creative commons in archiving research data. Objectives

During the workshop participants will acquire basic knowledge on data licensing. It is also appropriate for established members who would like to strengthen their licensing framework. To join the webinar, no further knowledge is required in advance.

About the Presenters

Gry Henriksen is a special adviser at the section for Individual Level Data at NSD. She has an M.A. in sociology from University of Bergen. Gry Henriksen has worked at NSD since the mid 90’s with the most aspects of archiving research data: collection, documentation, preservation, curation and dissemination.

Sondre S. Arnesen is an adviser at the section for Individual Level Data at NSD working closely towards national research communities in the usage and re-usage of research data. After graduating from the University of Bergen with an M.A. in sociology he started his career at NSD at the Data Protection Official for Research in 2012 as a consultant. Sondre has since been working with legal issues relating to the personal data and is also a member of the project group ‘Making Nordic Health Data Visible’ funded by NordForsk.

Webinar Materials

All materials for the two webinars can be found on these two pages :

Research Data Management Community Training – 23/06/2016 :

Access policies and user regulations – licenses on June – 30/06/2016 :