CESSDA SaW Mid-Term Review – Brussels – 11-10-2016


UPDATE – 08/06/2016 ——————————————————————————————-

We have now received confirmation form our Project Officer that the Mid-Term Review meeting will be held in Brussels on the 11th of October 2016.

Required people are: WP leaders, appointed Task leaders, Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Chair of the Delivery Committee, Chair of the Governance Council

We are planning to have a meeting on the day before – October the 10th – in order to rehearse for the review.

More information will soon be circulated on the venue and the programme.


The first Project Review Meeting covering the 1st reporting period will be held at Brussels in the first half of October.

The deadline for submitting the financial reports for the first reporting period is mid September, the Project Officer therefore suggested to have the Mid-Term Review Meeting in the first half of October.

The Project Officer will notify possible reviewers and check their availability, and then the final date will be determined. The final date will be published as soon as the reviewers have communicated their availability.