CESSDA SaW project is followed by new widening activities

After completing the EU funded project CESSDA Strengthening and Widening in 2017, CESSDA ERIC is actively continuing its widening activities in 2018. There are several events planned, first of which will already be organized in June 2018 and will take place in Milan, Italy. Supported by The Interdepartmental Centre UniData – Bicocca Data Archive, a joint project coming […]

CESSDA SaW Project presented on CORDIS website highlighting the results

After successfully finalizing the implementation of the CESSDA SaW project by the end of 2017, and having all deliverables and reports officially approved, the results of the Strengthening and widening the European infrastructure for social science data archives project have also been presented on the official CORDIS website. CORDIS, the Community Research and Development Information Service, is […]

Two years on, a stronger and broader CESSDA

The CESSDA SaW Horizon 2020 project is a success story for CESSDA ERIC. It focused on strengthening and widening national social science data service providers. The project fostered knowledge exchange between current, future, and aspiring data service providers, and brought together 25 partners across Europe. By offering the necessary administrative, technical, and methodological support, the project promoted […]

CESSDA SaW Final Conference in Dublin

Summarising results on strengthening and widening of European infrastructure of social science data archives The Final conference of CESSDA SaW project was held in Dublin, Ireland on 19th October 2017. Organized by the Irish Social Science Data Archive (ISSDA) and CESSDA ERIC, the event was very successful hosting representatives from 28 countries. CESSDA members, non-members and […]

CESSDA SaW 4th Consortium Meeting

The 4th and final CESSDA SaW Project Consortium Meeting was held in Dublin, Ireland on 20th October 2017, with the aim of gathering all beneficiaries and Linked Third Parties, reporting on the status of work packages’ pending activities, achieved results, and challenges met on the way. The meeting also served to decide on timeline for […]

CESSDA SaW – Newsletter #3

Please find the third CESSDA SaW Newsletter. This newsletter is the opportunity for the coordination team to congratulate and thank the FFZG Team for the organization of the 2nd CESSDA SaW Workshop in Zagreb and the ICS-Lisboa Team along with the CNRS Team (and all those who helped) for the successful organization of the 3rd […]

CESSDA will become an ERIC – 14th of June 2017

CESSDA becomes officially recognized as a European Research Infrastructure on 14th of June – By invitation only. CESSDA is a large-scale, integrated data infrastructure providing services for the Social Sciences. It has evolved from a network of European data Service Providers into a legal entity in June 2013. The objective of CESSDA is to provide a […]

Success of the CESSDA SaW 3rd Workshop – “Widening the European infrastructure of social science data archives”

 The 3rd CESSDA SaW Workshop entitled “Widening the European infrastructure of social science data archives” was held in Lisbon, on the 3rd and 4th of May. This workshop was a great success with over 30 countries represented and actively contributed to all sessions. You will find all presentations from the workshop uploaded on the CESSDA SaW […]