Work-Package Number Deliverable Number Deliverable title
Work-Package 2 Dissemination and Communication
WP2 D2.1 Knowledge Sharing Platform Forum Report
WP2 D2.2 Knowledge-Sharing Platform Content and Management Policy
WP2 D2.3 Stakeholder Workshop Report 1
Work-Package 3 Strengthening and Widening through planning and engagement
WP3 D3.1 Heuristic maturity development model
WP3 D3.2 Country report on development potentials 1
WP3 D3.3 Guide for national planning for setting up new
data services
Work-Package 4 Strengthening and widening through knowledge exchange
WP4 D4.2 Stakeholder Workshop Report – AAI workshop
Work-Package 5 Strengthening and widening through global engagement
WP5 D5.2 International knowledge exchange forum report



Guidelines for developing National Data Service Plans


Milestone – Letter to Managing Director_19022016

Milestone _ CESSDA Expert Seminar 2015_report_final


CESSDASaW-Plan for Dissemination-PDER

WP4 Tutorials on the Ingest & Access/Dissemination Workflow


Webinar – Research Data Management Community Training – 23-06-2016 – 11:00 am

Webinar – Access Policies and Usage Regulations: Licenses – 30-06-2016 – 11:00 am