WS 2 – How to get there

Transport from airport Pleso

The Zagreb airport (Pleso) is located approximately 17 kilometres (11 miles) from the city centre.

Apart from the taxi service, one can use the Croatia Airlines bus service. The price of a one-way ticket is 30 kn (around 4 €). For more detailed information, please see: Pleso transport

To reach the Hotel International, we recommend that you use the bus service for arrival, and ask the driver to let you out at the Lisinski bus station which is less than 10 min walk from the Hotel International (see the map below). Taxi services from the airport to the hotel are more expensive then other way around. Although the airport is very near, it is actually located in another city. Cheap taxi services are available only in Zagreb, but drivers from Zagreb are not allowed to pick up their clients in another city. Only Taxi Cammeo is willing to pick you up at the airport, but they do not have a stand at the airport so you would have to wait.

When going back to the airport it is better to use taxi services because the price is around 100 kn (around 14 EUR) and taxies are standing just in front of the Hotel International. Bus will not stop at the nearest station if you don’t give the signal to the driver by waving 😃

Here is the map where all important locations are marked:

The Hotel International is located in the wider city centre and is walking distance from the central city square (Trg Bana Josipa Jelačića / Ban Jelačić Square). This walk will take you approximately 25 minutes.

You can reach the Hotel from the city centre by tram line number 13 travelling in the direction Savišće. On this tram, you must exit at the tram station Miramarska on Avenija Vukovar street. From the central station (Glavni kolodvor), the easiest way to reach the Hotel is by foot. This walk will take you approximately 15 minutes.


Public transportation and parking

Public transportation in Zagreb includes numerous tram and bus lines that run during the daytime and several night time tram and bus lines. Tickets can be bought at “Tisak” kiosks or from the tram driver. A single ticket (valid for one direction and for 90 min.) is 10,00 HRK (c. 1,3 EUR). A one-day ticket is 30,00 HRK (c. 4 EUR) and a three-day ticket is 70,00 HRK (c. 9,2 EUR). A single night ticket (valid for one direction and for 90 min) is 15,00 HRK (c. 2 EUR). Validating machines are at the front and back of each car.
Tram lines in Zagreb

Parking in Zagreb is possible in public garages and at marked parking places throughout the city. When parking, please pay close attention to the parking zone you are in – they are divided into four categories that differ in price and time limitation.

For more detailed information, please see:
Parking and public transportation



There are several registered taxi services in Zagreb. For more detailed information about prices, please see:
Radio Taxi Zagreb
(tel: 1777)
Taxi Cammeo (tel: 1212)
EKO Taxi (tel: 1414)